Xstatic Nights is the second mixtape album by alternative hip-hop artist Brentiyzce. The album will be released in Fall 2009.

Singles Edit

  • The first single to be released from this album was "Rhythm Pumpin". This electro-pop track was produced by Ashley Breathe and co-written by Montez Abc. Both artists supply guest vocals to the track. The song was promoted on websites and podcasts, and has been Brentiyzce's biggest single to-date.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. "Fantasy Man"
  2. "Vivacious" (featuring B. Ames)
  3. "Rhythm Pumpin" (featuring Montez Abc and Ashley Breathe)
  4. "Night Life"
  5. "Electric Rogue"
  6. "Sexystyle" (ft. Jadore Hollywood)
  7. "Pleasure Pill"
  8. "Satisfaction" (ft. Sebastian Vincent)
  9. "Bodyshock" (ft. Sebastian Vincent)
  10. "Make My Exit" (ft. baron.)