Style fuzion cover

Style Fuzion is the debut mixtape of Brentiyzce. Made available as a free download online, the project contained his first-ever recorded song, "Wildfire", which served as his main buzz record until the album was released with "Weird is the New Hot" to generate more hype.

Style Fuzion


June 2007


Alternative Hip-Hop
R & B

Sound Edit

Brentiyzce designed Style Fuzion as an eclectic mixture of vastly different genres. The project contains bass-heavy hip-hop tracks, dance songs led by buzzing synths, and hypnotically ambient melodies and choruses. Songs on the record can easily be categorized into two genres, the most prominent examples being "Hype Tonight", a rap song that breaks into house bridges, and "Bangtrance", a techno track featuring aggressive rap vocals.

The album was produced by Brentiyzce, GotdioN, and JB Aquariotti. Each instrumental created by the three musicians differ vastly, and Brentiyzce's different vocal approach to each track ensured that no two songs would sound alike.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. "In Suspense"
  2. "Bangtrance" (ft. GotdioN)
  3. "Hype Tonight"
  4. "Wildfire" (ft. Klassik of B.F.G. and JB Aquariotti)
  5. "Fresh Couture"
  6. "Lucid Dreams"
  7. "Chillen Out"
  8. "Thunderin' Smash"
  9. "Hype Tonight"
  10. "Weird Is The New Hot"

Style Fuzion: Upgraded Edit

In late 2009, Brentiyzce began to re-work his initial release, upgrading the songs to fit his more-developed and seasoned sound. This version of Style Fuzion will be made available as a free download. The new tracklisting will modify all songs and replace certain tracks with other ones.