Brentiyzce is an electropop/hiphop producer and singer-songwriter from New York City.

He first came onto the music scene in 2006, releasing buzz records that led to recording songs for a full-length album, Xstatic Nights. The album's first buzz record, Rhythm Pumpin (ft. Montez Abc and Ashley Breathe) was released in late 2007. Following this, Brentiyzce appeared on Da Doo-Dirty Show to be interviewed and to premier Rhythm Pumpin to the radio world. Other tracks on this album include Make My Exit (ft. baron.), Vivacious (ft. B. Ames) and Fantasy Man. Beginning in the Summer of 2010, work began on his 3rd album, Hot Renegade.

Brentiyzce's daring sound and persona represent self-identity, creativity, and individuality. He is the advocate of those who defy standards and labels. He speaks as the herald of an exciting new future.